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Inside the RPA, you will gain unlimited access to proven materials to rebuild your church. The materials provided follow a "One Church, One Message" strategy. One Church, One Message is all about getting every member of your church to hear the same message on a given week. Children, Students and Adults are all being taught a similar theme - so families can discuss it on the drive home from church. It means that at every Mass, the same homily is repeated so that every adult has heard the exact same message. Members that belong to a small group will dive deeper into the topic during the week. The goal of this strategy is about getting everybody in your parish headed in the same direction.

“We based our homilies over several weeks on the RPA’s Expect Miracles message series. Never in 23 years of preaching have I had so many people talking about the effects the homilies had on their lives.”

Fr. Brian Mason, St. Mary Parish, Hales Corners, Wisconsin
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The homilies provided inside the RPA are grouped into "Message Series." These series follow the lectionary for a given liturgical year, and dive into one central topic over the course of 4-6 weeks. For each series, you will have access to the series synopsis, including notes that link the topic to the scripture for a specific week. Additionally, you will have access to the full transcript and a video of the message being preached. You are welcome to deliver the message exactly as it is provided, or adapt it to your own setting.

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Small Groups

Small groups materials inside the RPA follow the topic given in the Homily each week. Small groups range from 5-12 people, and allows them to go deeper into the message. For each Small Group Series, you will have access to the series synopsis, a 10 minute video for each week diving deeper into the topic, and questions for your group to discuss after the video. You will have access to all of the materials - video files and small group questions - to post on your own website and start a small group program that follows the messages given on the weekend.

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Kid's Programs

Children's materials are divided into two areas - Kids Small Groups and Time Travelers.

Kids Small Groups are a Sunday School program that allow children to learn the word of God in a small group setting with their peers. Groups range from 5-12 children. Resources included in our Kids Small Groups area include a series synopsis that follows the message given at Mass, along with a lesson plan that gives your small group leaders direction to teach children in grades 1-5.

Time Travelers is the name used for our children’s Liturgy of the Word. It is more than a Bible story - it’s an EVENT. Inside the RPA, you will find a lesson plan created for each specific week in the Liturgical Calendar, as well as a sample Time Travelers video to give you an idea of how Time Travelers is presented to children in grades 1-5.

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Student Programs

Student Materials inside the RPA are specifically for Middle and High School student programs that are held outside of Mass. The topics follow the Homilies given at Mass, and are geared toward the next generation - applying it to their lives. You will have access to message transcripts, PowerPoint presentations and Small Group questions that dive deeper into the message.

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Live Webcasts

All Members of the RPA are invited to Live Webinars given by members of the staff of Church of the Nativity. Topics include every area of parish life - from creating a message series, to growing a small group ministry, to getting people out of the pews and start serving. Webcasts always allow ample time for questions at the end of each session. Live Webcasts are hosted every 6-8 weeks, and will be posted in the members area after the conclusion.

Other Resources

In addition to the great Resources and the Forum, members have access to Ministry Manuals, Forms, and Field Guides for all parish activities. Members also participate in regular Ministry Webcasts and Bi-Weekly Podcasts on all aspects of Parish life, plus you receive discounts to attend the annual Matter Conference.

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Members of the Rebuilt Parish Association are part of something bigger than themselves. A strong sense of community is cultivated inside the RPA. Our Community Forum is the place for idea sharing, to get encouragement and to post questions or suggestions to other members. Parishes provide Profiles which enable you to find similar profiles and connect and build relationships and grow together. A member Map illustrates where "Rebuilt" churches can be found.

"Since joining the RPA, our parish has been transformed! The RPA/Nativity team has been amazing in passing on their vision of renewal. I encourage any pastor and parish staff seriously interested in revitalizing their church to join the Rebuilt Parish Association.”

Fr. Mike Jones, Pastor of St. Pius X Church in Bowie Maryland

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The result of the work of the RPA is a community of like-minded parishes, seeking to grow disciples of Jesus. Our members strive to serve their local faith community in an effective way - by delivering the Good News of the gospel through Mass and a broader weekend experience which is relevant and impactful on the spiritual lives of their parishioners, while also compelling and attractive to the un-churched of their community.

Make Mass the best hour of your parishioners week! Grow your attendance! Grow your offertory! Grow DISCIPLESHIP!

"Being part of The Rebuilt Parish Association gives us strength to continue the mission. Thanks for all you are doing to help us make disciples with your fantastic resources. Thank You!”

Dottie Connelly, Communications Coordinator, Church of the Holy Eucharist, Tabernacle, NJ

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